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Give Me Colour...

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Location: Tafi Abuife, central Ghana.

This is one of the locations that make the beautiful bands of fabric that have come to be known as Kente cloth. Long associated with status and high station in Ghana, Kente cloth has been claimed and proudly displayed as adornment in the African diaspora. It symbolizes a connection to the Continent.

It's also the inspiration for the

first colour image in my new book, Street Level. Naturally, I value the authenticity of this hand woven fabric. For me, it provides a connection to a place that is a point of origin in my story. My biological father's community is not far from here. To know that they make things of such beauty is a comforting thought.

I want to acknowledge the importance of colour in our everyday lives. It messages our senses--not only sight, but the other four as well. A plate with a colourful palette is going to look and taste more delicious than a plate with only one colour. Males are generally discouraged from wearing clothing that is "too colourful". Our ability to express ourselves using clothing, the more colourful the better, should be celebrated. From now on, I'm looking forward to wearing a more colourful wardrobe (but florescent colours are still out).

1) one copy: $27.95 CAD(includes taxes and 5.00 postage)

2) two copies: $45.90 CAD(includes taxes and free delivery)

3) three copies $68.85 CAD(includes taxes and free delivery)

Please send payment to by e-transfer. Be sure to leave your name and mailing address in the "Message" section before sending.

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