Street Level: A Search For Belonging

Sometime you just need to bet on yourself. It's as much about the short attention spans that we are all dealing with as it is about the sheer volume of pixels and mega pixels that are out there.

It's difficult to believe the amount of publications that are physically and virtually circulating. Recently, I learned about a photography book that is nearly 2000 pages long! Yet if one doesn't wade into the fray, there's a good chance that one's work will for

ever be lost. That's why I'm on the verge of releasing a self published volume of my street photography complete with descriptions and short essays (I'm emphasizing short because is not a picture "worth a thousand words?").

Yes, it's title is the same as this blog. A search for belonging? Definitely. When asked who my audience for the book was, I knew that it would be more than the amateur or professional photographer. It would be anyone who cared about people and how we interact. I learned that I was drawn to examples of "belonging", finding our tribe. Long before we discovered the culinary value of fire, we sought out other souls to share our mastodon meat with. Perhaps that's partly why we have children--to expand our sphere of belonging.

I hope that people are informed by the honesty of the book. It's as much about me trying to be vulnerable about my psychology as it is about my nuts and bolts approach to street photography.

I'd like to give a shout out to those who contributed to the book's realization--Donna Paris, Francisco Alexander Fwallah, and George Elliott Clarke.

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